Rising water levels due to climate change has threatening consequences for the ecosystem and urbanization in coastal zones. The extraction of fluids in the subsurface as for example during groundwater or hydrocarbon production can lead to seafloor subsidence along the coast which further accelerates the rising water levels. Natural processes such as landslides or tectonic activity can also cause severe vertical deformations of the seafloor. To be able to better plan for and mitigate such environmental changes, quantitative measurements of the magnitude and the lateral distribution of the seafloor deformations are key.

OCTIO Environmental provides a unique surveying technology that gives regional seafloor subsidence measurements with an accuracy of a few millimeters.

Some applications of such precise subsidence measurements are:

  • Regional monitoring of seafloor deformation along the coast
  • Monitoring the stability of the bathymetry around seafloor installations such as e.g. communication infrastructure or offshore windmills
  • Detection of landslides or reactivation of subsurface faults
  • Secure human and installation safety in cases of extreme deformation

This technology is developed to monitor seafloor deformations above producing reservoirs and has been applied with great success on the majority of the gas fields at the Norwegian Continental Shelf.