Drilling a well can be a costly operation performed under significant risk. In some cases, limited amount of subsurface data can lead to delays and incidents during drilling. Positioning of the drill bit relative to potential geohazards is also a challenge; and, in severe cases, the integrity of the well path can be challenged.

In seismic while drilling projects, OCTIO Environmental deploys 3C seismic sensors on the surface above the well trajectory. Using the drill-bit as a source, seismic data is then acquired and analyzed real-time utilizing the Guardian software package .

Capabilities of this real-time, passive seismic monitoring are:

  • Geo-steering of the drill bit
  • Location of the drill bit within the seismic map of the subsurface
  • Detection of potential fracturing during drilling
  • Look-forward and reverse seismic when drilling
  • Assurance of rock integrity

This technology is originally developed for drilling of offshore wells in the oil and gas industry. Hence, it meets the highest technical standards and the concept is well proven.