In regions with significant lateral variability in the rock properties, lack of data for characterization of rock lithology and mechanical properties prior to tunnel excavation can lead to considerable geological uncertainty along the tunnel route. This lack of information may lead to serious problems including breakouts, collapses, flooding and rush-ins during construction. Hence, in most tunneling projects, the contractor is looking for methods to acquire accurate geological information ahead of the tunnel face during the excavation process.

OCTIO Environmental can provide technology for acquiring and analyzing seismic data in  real-time utilizing the Guardian software package.

Capabilities of this real-time, passive seismic monitoring are:

  • Location of the tunnel face within the seismic map of the subsurface
  • Real-time detection of potential fracturing during drilling
  • Characterization of the host rock ahead of the tunnel face
  • Assurance of rock integrity

This technology is originally developed for seismic monitoring in the oil and gas industry. Hence, it meets the highest technical standards and the concept is well proven.