The recent Paris agreement states the need for implementation of climate conserving technologies. Carbon Capture and Storage technologies (CCS) will play an important role in this strategy.

Subsurface formations offshore provide huge potential capacity for CO2. In order to safely and efficiently inject CO2 into those porous rocks, monitoring technologies are required. OCTIO Environmental's technologies are suited and have been successfully used in CO2 sequestration projects.

OCTIO Environmental's Seismic Monitoring System technology provides:

  • Microseismic monitoring for ensuring caprock integrity
  • Improved imaging with active seismic for mapping the CO2 plume extension
  • The possibility of incorporating chemical and biological sensors for leak detection in the array

OCTIO Environmental's surveying technologies provide:

  • Quantification of mass changes, giving access to CO2 density and dissolved fraction
  • Monitoring the extent of the pressure plume through subsidence measurement
  • Analysis of potential fault reactivation from observed seafloor deformations